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Skyla J and Oz

It has been 12 years since this dynamic duo released an album. Why so long?

In 2005 Skyla J and Oz released Time and Energy which was critically acclaimed by CBC radio as one of the top 5 albums of 2005 among artists such as K’naan. In the same year Skyla J and Oz moved to London England, got picked up by Formation Records UK and began touring globally as a live electronic duo under the name Greenlaw till 2012. Working with Formation Records was both an amazing and frustrating experience. European and USA tours playing to thousands was amazing, waiting over 10 years to receive a finished album from the label very frustrating. The duo have since distanced themselves from the label and are excited to be on a path that is true to who they are as a married couple and as passionate musicians.

Skyla J and Oz recorded their newest album “ Stay Lifted “ over two years while traveling and performing on Cruise ships. They used bathrooms, conference rooms, libraries, small cabins and even airplane lobbies. In rooms late at night when inspiration took over so fast there was no time to soundproof, 4 am curled up in a desk chair with headphones on and lips pressed close to the mic so they wouldn’t wake anyone up.

This is their life creating on the move and perfection is not part of the process, vibe is ! Being in the moment and using what they had to make it work. So you are going to hear strange nuances maybe even the odd pop and crackle, if the essence was there they kept it mistakes and all. This is 100 percent Skyla J and Oz; Raw and Real Urban Roots – Soulful, Reggae influenced songs with phat bass and beats. The type of music you can put on while driving and your troubles just melt away. The kind that stays on gentle repeat in the back of your mind.

Do You Feel the Same Way is the debut single from the album. This uplifting tune with flavours of Reggae, Soul and House promotes a higher connection reminding us that we are not alone; we are all part of one consciousness. The debut track will be available for free download March 10th 2017

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