Skyla J and Ozzie share a belief in a higher power, and infuse their music with a strong sense of personal spirituality. All music they create is from the heart and much of their original work, created over the past 14 years, is dedicated to the strength of the human spirit and our ability to connect at a soul level.

‘Do You Feel The Same Way?’ is the debut single Skyla J and Oz have chosen to release off their new album “Stay Lifted”. This debut track is now available as a FREE DOWNLOAD


Skyla J and Oz recorded their upcoming album “ Stay Lifted “ over the last two years while traveling and performing on cruise ships.They used bathrooms, conference rooms, libraries, small cabins and even airplane lobbies. In rooms late at night when inspiration took over so fast there was no time to soundproof, 4 AM curled up in a desk chair with headphones on and lips pressed close to the mic so they wouldn’t wake anyone up.

This is 100 percent Skyla J and Oz : Raw and Real Urban Roots – Soulful, Reggae influenced songs with phat bass and beats. You can check out some of the behind the scenes footage on our Video Blog.

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